Excellent Hotel Marketing Starts with Hotel Web site design

You may have the most wonderful hotel on the planet, with gorgeous landscaping, comfortable areas, and impeccable service, but if guests have no idea about it, your occupancy rates would have been a continual disappointment. In this era, the most critical component of hotel marketing is excellent hotel website design.

Why Hotel Web site design?

The numbers say it just about all. During 2007, almost a third of hotel revenues will be produced by online channels. Moreover, over 1 / 2 of your target audience’s decision-making is influenced through the Internet. Over a third of resort guests choose their hotel depending on online research, but book via another channel. The remainder researched their choices with an Internet portal, but then tried to book directly using the travel provider.

Without great hotel site design, it’s as if a person printed 1, 000 beautiful, four-color, ten-page brochures that stunningly captured the initial nature of your hotel from ten dollars apiece, and then locked them away inside a cupboard. How effective would these people be? The “look and feel” is very important in motivating visitors to discover your hotel product, and in guiding these phones buy, but without the correct technology, site structure, and routing methods, you will only possess marginal online revenues.

Hotel Seo

Even if you have an excellent hotel web site design, if no-one can find your website when they’re searching online for that “luxury North park hotel, ” that “romantic B&B outdoors Paris, ” or that “adventure scuba vacation in the Maldives, ” it’s as if you didn’t have a website whatsoever.

The way that potential guests will discover your hotel web site is through seo. Search engine optimization is both a skill and a science – and really should not be left to amateurs. Search engine optimization techniques may enable your hotel website to become returned high in the rankings of search results – a critical element associated with effective online hotel marketing.


When choosing a marketing company for the hotel website design, make sure they understand and meet these types of goals:

* Generating qualified, high quality visitor traffic
* Motivating people to delve deeper into your resort website
* Converting visitors in to online hotel revenues

Too frequently, hotel websites are developed backwards, placing the emphasis on design instead of on generating website traffic. The important thing is to balance traffic era effectiveness, the site’s “look as well as feel, ” and conversion techniques to make a hotel web site that appears great, gets plenty of visitors that converts into bookings.

Look for a Hotel Website Design Company

These days, Internet design and marketing businesses have specializations. In order to find the best return on investment, it is best to choose a website design company that focuses on hotel website design. Make sure their approach adheres to the next guidelines – otherwise, keep buying. The company should:

* Determine your visitors’ expectations and motives
* Work with you to clarify your personal objectives
* Develop a resort website revenue conversion strategy
* Determine site components which satisfy both design and seo goals
* Map our “click paths” which will lead to conversion

Your hotel website design and seo are the two keys to generating the type of traffic that will keep your occupancy rates within the stratosphere!